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School of Media & Communication

Media Hall

Media Hall is proximate to Anam station (subway line #6). With two floors below ground and 12 floors above ground, the building provides ample resources for students.

The first floor of the Media Hall is a cultural arena for students; it consists of a student lounge, a café, and a studying area. It is recently remodeled with a sophisticated new look. It provides ample space for students to study, conduct group projects, and display creative artworks.

KU Cinema Trap is a lecture hall/movie theater located on the fourth floor. It holds local and international academic conferences, shows independent films, and holds non-mainstream film festivals. In June 2018 a bi-annual conference of International Telecommunications Society with 200 scholars from worldwide was held here. Film festivals it hosted to date include the 2nd Latin American Film Festival, the 1st European Short Film Festival, the 9th Migrant World Film Festival, and the 10th EBS International Documentary Festival. It also held the 5th KUFCA (Korea Universities Film Clubs Association) Film Festival in 2017.

The two floors below ground are equipped with a studio and editorial rooms to help student with their media productions. These facilities are used for related curriculums and open to students in general.