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Career after Graduation

A Message from Graduates to those who Dream to Enter Graduate Programs:
Korea University Graduate School of Media & Communication is?

Master Program Graduates

Seo-Yeong Kim


CJ ENM Music Marketing Team

Year of Graduation 2020


"The graduate school master's program was a time to find the values of life.

Research was a process of understanding how to benefit society and at the same time,
exploring the values I pursue in my personal life. Thanks to the professor, an expert in the field
of media, and fellow students who constantly explored with curiosity, I learned the joy
of research. It was a period where I cultivated the power to think macroscopically, seized
opportunities rather than giving up, and came one step closer to the life I aspire to.
I am grateful to the professors, colleagues, and administrative staff at the Graduate
School of Media & Communication at Korea University."

  • Jae-Kyung Ahn

    University of Pennsylvania, Annenberg School for Communication Ph.D. Program
    Year of Graduation 2020

    “I got to know the bliss of research itself through KU Graduate School of Media & Communication. I learned during undergraduate programs that it was important to acquire given knowledge, while in graduate programs it was more important to discover a problem by oneself and prove and test it. I have to admit that the process of creating new knowledge was challenging for me from time to time, as I was more used to the somewhat passively absorbing style of studying. However, thanks to our professors who never underestimated my ideas and questions and gave me advice and all our fellow students who always encouraged me, I got to know the joy of research. The freedom to consistently question our society and being able to answer those questions scientifically is a privilege. I am thankful to Korea University Graduate School of Media and Communication for gifting me such liberty."

  • JiYoun Ryu

    Ohio State University, School of Communication Ph.D. Program
    Year of Graduation 2020

    “Korea University School of Media & Communication taught me that the most important thing in research was to enjoy the process. Our professors welcomed me whenever I brought up an idea, despite what it was, and always provided constructive feedback. A professor even once gave me such abundant advice regarding research for almost an hour as I stopped by their office to say hi. Fellow students also truly supported each other by voluntarily offering to help each other if one was falling behind. I was able to tackle various research topics in such an environment and also got to start off my Ph. D. program in the US through the training I recieved here. I am grateful that KU School of Media and Communication gifted me the confidence to pursuit my studies with enjoyment, wherever I am and whatever I do."

  • Youjin Song

    Korea University Graduate School of Media & Communication Ph.D. Program
    Year of Graduation 2019

    “Graduate school was an 'inflection point' for me. I was able to broaden my horizons and observe the world with new perspectives through graduate school. Graduate school guided me to explore my research field without limits and gave me opportunities to become a professional in the media industry. I hope that the amazing opportunity of KU Graduate School of Media & Communication may also light your way, and that it may lead you towards your dreams."

  • Dongyun Baek

    LG Innotek Communication Team
    Year of Graduation 2018

    “I got interested in PR in graduate school and was opened up to new insights reagarding the field thanks to our amazing professors. Everything I learned here helped me prove my profession at job interviews after graduation. The experiences I had here will help me throughout my career in the media sector by allowing me to approach phenomenons with an unique perspective thus will help me become a true media professional."

  • YooJung Oh

    University of California, Davis Department of Communication Ph.D. Program
    Year of Graduation 2018

    “I studied media for the first time at KU Graduate School of Media and Communication, so from the moment I applied to the moment I enrolled into the school, I was quite worried that I might be making a mistake and also rather scared of jumping into a whole new field of study. However, KU Graduate School of Media and Communication enlightened me to the delightment of learning and also the capability to grow and develop in a new environment. I couldn't be more happy to meet such honorable professors and recieve their instructions and also fellow students who will accompany each other for much longer. I am confident that entering KU Graduate School of Media and Communication's Master program was my best decision. I would strongly recommend the same for all of you who are also willing to take new challenges."

  • Seungmin Lee

    KakaoGames Communication Team
    Year of Graduation 2017

    “I am thankful to graduate school for it presented me with professors and fellow students that I can truly rely on and also helped me grow. Throughout my program I got a clearer viewpoint of diverse social phenomenons through the lens of theories and also developed the prespective to examine the media flow as the provider and not only the audience. I wish that many more who work in the field of media and  communication may also gain a more broad and deep insight here, just like I did."

  • HyeMin Ji

    Content Alliance Platform
    Year of Graduation 2017

    “I am currently working for Content Alliance Platform which was found to run the OTT service pooq that the three main broadcasting stations set up jointly. During my program I was particularly interested in media provider/audience analysis, therefore I took courses surrounding the fields of medai cultural studies and audience, entertainment and media, and broadcasting media theories. Graduate school crouses allowed me rich opportunities to study and analyze basic academic theories and apply them to the status quo of the broadcasting industry. I thus became capable of deeply understanding not only the recent trend in the media and how the industry is changing, but also how the recieving patterns of the media audience also changes. The knowledge and experiences I built up throughout my graduate program really helps me throughout my career working in the OTT service business. I am able to plan and carry out various plans at work more easily thanks to the analyzing and planning skills I developed and improved through our courses. Media always change. Thus I believe that those who have an open mind must become experts in the media field. The professors I met here were always those how studied up to date and researched with students with an open mind. I believe that I was able to learn even more thanks to our open professors. I recommend KU Graduate School of Media and Communication to all those who are ready to study with an open mind."

Ph.D. Program Graduates


  • YuMi Jang

    Research Professor, Smart Media Services Research Center (SSRC), Korea University
    Year of Graduation 2023

    “"I have been with Korea University for more than 10 years, and the Department of Media Studies in the Graduate School of General Studies, where I spent more than half of them, has become my home away from home. During my studies here, I had the precious opportunity to meet colleagues who were on the same path as me, to find a major that I liked and could excel at, to study it in depth, and to gain knowledge and wisdom that are important for living in the world. Especially whenever I was lost or stuck, my professors and colleagues always stood by me and helped me find my way. I feel very lucky to have met so many of them here, as it's not easy to get one in a lifetime. Since graduation, I have been working as a research professor at the Smart Media Service Research Center (SSRC) at Korea University. I hope that I can pass on the learning, support, comfort, and strength that I received from my professors and colleagues in the Graduate School of Media Studies to my juniors. I hope that I can fulfill this wish by meeting many juniors in the General Graduate Media Department. ""

  • ShinYoung Hwang

    Year of Graduation 2021

    “The countless challenges and trainings I took in graduate school was a 'running start' for a soft landing to society. For there were numerous learning processes and relationships that built me up to run vigorously. I wish to thank my advisor, the professors here, fellow students and all of my friends who expanded my vision through researches that combine the industry and also the academia and also broadened my world beyond domestic matters."

  • Cedomir Markov

    Research Fellow at the University of Belgrade
    Year of Graduation 2021

    “The rigorous training I received from my dedicated professors at Korea University laid a robust foundation for my research career. I was constantly encouraged to think critically and act responsibly. Yet my time at Korea University was not just about acquiring academic skills; it was a profound journey of personal and professional growth. It was about understanding the broader implications of my work, maintaining an ethical stance, and appreciating the intricate weave of diverse perspectives that our global society offers. My peers were a vital part of this experience, bringing in diverse viewpoints that led to thought-provoking discussions, fruitful collaborations, and life-long friendships.”

  • Suwon Kim

    Kakao CDR Lab, Policy Team
    Year of Graduation 2018

    “There is so much I have earned through my master and Ph.D. program, but the best is definitely 'people'. KU Graduate School of Media and Communication is a place where the 'virtuous cycle of good people' has nestled. I met good teachers, good colleagues, good friends here and therefore I also made an effort to become a good person. The fortune of meeting good people was the foundation of my experiences, learning, and growth. (It really was.)"

  • Hyoung-Jee Kim

    Institute of Communication Research, Seoul National University
    Year of Graduation 2017

    “Every single day of graduate school was 'passion'. There were professors who trusted the potential of that passion and fellow colleagues who shared that passion. I also had the opportunity to exude that passion through working as a research professor at KU University School of Media & Communication. If you also have the passion of learning, build up your own passion here at KU Graduate School of Media and Communication. 

    If your passion seeks to do so, the 'aid' of Korea University and the 'guidence' of the professors and the 'support' of  fellow colleagues will be with you. 
  • InHye Lee

    Assistant Professor of Kyungsung University, School of Theatre Film & Musical
    Year of Graduation 2016

    "Meeting a mentor that one can ask professional advice from and also leads one to one's dreams is absolute fortune in life. School was a lucky place for me where I not only gained competable knowlege, but also met teachers who showed me the short cuts in life. A place where vague dreams grow ripe. A place where one can dream new dreams of passion and courage. Come to 'KU Graduate School of Media and Communication'!!

  • Jeonghwan Kim

    Year of Graduation 2014

    “A place with plentiful ingredients to understand the media ecosystem, a place where one can make one's own recipe, a place where one can spot the changes and find opportunities, graduate school was that kind of place for me."

  • Sangrok Lee

    tvN Insight Contents CP
    Year of Graduation 2014

    “Becoming a doctor in the field of media wasn't easy. Even though I wrestled with books all night it was always not enough. Finding my own differentiated path in the sea of theories, experiments, papers, and discussions was a lonely and tiring journey. However, my Ph.D. program led me to new possibilities. Since it led me, someone who lived as a journalist for 15 years, to take the challenge of becoming a PD in 2013. The fact that I researched 21C content audience which now has no boundaries throughout newspaper, broadcasting, and internet platforms was the source of my 'reckless' courage. Therefore I recommend KU Graduate School of Media and Communication to you, who dream of becoming a media doctor. As a person who has been there before, I am confident that you would not regret it. I pray that your passion for studying and hard work will turn into dazzling 'light' as it meets Korea University.