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Intelligent Information Technology Field Exploration Program


School of Media & Communication Students Experience the Intelligent Information Society from All Across the Nation

Intelligent Information Technology Field Exploration Program

The program, designed to cultivate expertise in utilizing intelligent information technology for creating social value, is supported by Korea University's University Innovation Support Project.


Media Industry Field Exploration (July 11th ~ 16th, 2022)


◆  The first Intelligent Information Technology Field Exploration Program, themed 'Exploring Intelligent Information Technology for Social Value Creation,' took place from July 11th to 16th, 2022.


◆ Led by Professor Min Young and Professor Jung Yoon-hyuk from the Department of Media Studies, the exploration team included 12 undergraduate students from the Media Department and 2 graduate students. They had the opportunity to visit various media technology and content industry sites nationwide, including Kunsan University, Pukyong National University, as well as institutions like KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) and ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute).


◆ The program kicked off with a pre-workshop at Korea University's Seoul campus. In Kunsan, the team explored diverse projects aimed at developing local culture into content. At KAIST in Daejeon, they experienced the development status of cutting-edge intelligent information technology firsthand. In Busan, they visited places like LG HelloVision, Naver Square, and digital video studios, where they encountered various attempts to combine intelligent information technology with social value.


◆ Based on their 5-day, 6-night exploration experience, a workshop was organized where groups presented research ideas that integrated intelligent information technology and social value. Students proposed creative research topics such as 'Utilizing Intelligent Information Technology for Cultural Heritage Conservation,' 'Enhancing Kiosk Accessibility for the Elderly: Customized Features and Information Technology Education for Platforms,' and 'Analysis of Environmental Values and Introduction of Intelligent Information Technology in Media Production Processes.'


 ◆ A webzine titled "Media and Technology: Dreaming of Social Value" was published, meticulously documenting the exploration experiences. To view the webzine, please visit the link.



Self-Directed Creative Research Project Undertaken (September 2022 ~ January 2023)

◆In the second semester of 2022, students proactively selected topics and, under the mentorship of their professors, conducted research projects throughout the semester.

◆The students worked on research projects based on topics such as 'Analysis and Improvement Suggestions for Metaverse Counseling Cases: Focusing on Meta Forest', 'Activation Strategies for Sindang Creative Arcade through Enhanced Personal Interaction and the Introduction of Intelligent CCTV', 'A Study on the Introduction and Utilization of Intelligent Information Technology for Eco-Friendly Media Production: Focusing on Policy Directions'.

◆Results of the Student-Led Creative Research Projects: Visit the handbook for more information.