Korea University School of Media & Commuication Graduate School of Journalism & Mass Communication

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Master’s Program

Graduate Program for Working Professionals

The program aims to educate professionals to integrate theories with practices in their chosen working fields. Upon admission, students can choose to be specialized in one of four main tracks consisting of Journalism, New Media, Advertising & Public Relations, and Visual and Entertainment. 

The program was founded in 1992 as a part of the industry-university collaboration initiatives led by Korea University. Professionals having been working in various fields are invited to bring their diverse experiences to classrooms and collaborate with the faculty who can provide theoretical lenses to understanding fast-changing media environments. 
Our core educational objectives include investigating global trends, learning the latest theories and research findings, and applying them to practice. With 30 years of history, the Graduate School of Journalism & Mass Communication is proud to present more than 1,500 alumni, who are leading the field of media and communication and sharing strong ties with one another.