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Master’s & Ph.D. Programs

Graduate students at Korea University are on the frontiers of research and practices in New Media and Communication. Established in 1971, the graduate program in the Department of Media and Communication has been pushing the boundaries of academia and practices. Graduates have pursued careers in various academic fields or public and private sectors for which graduate training has prepared them.

Theories, critical thinking, and research skills are main areas of expertise that graduate students develop inside as well as outside formal classes and via informal mentoring with professors. With the acquired tools, graduate students create and disseminate knowledge and insights in the fields of New Media, Communication Technologies, Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism, Cultural Studies, Entertainment, the Korean Wave, and Health and Interpersonal Communication. The graduate program of Media and Communication encourages students to present research findings at conferences and publish them in scholarly journals with international or domestic prestige.

Upon completion of the graduate training, many of our graduates have successful careers in public and private sectors. Academic training has enabled our graduates to become professors, instructors, and researchers at numerous universities and research institutes in Korea and other nations. Furthermore, deep knowledge of communication processes and research skills prepare our graduates for becoming specialists and leaders in Media and Communication, and related areas. Governmental organizations and private companies such as Naver, Kakao, and CJ E&M are some examples where our graduates have made impact on the industries and society.