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Joint program between KU SMC and UGA Department of Advertising

Joint program between KU SMC and UGA Department of Advertising

In Fall 2020, the SMC will begin a joint BA-MA program with the Department of Advertising (DA) at the University of Georgia (UGA) located in the United States. This program will offer students the opportunity to obtain a bachelor’s degree from KU and a master’s degree from UGA within five years. This program will allow participants to study at the KU SMC for two and a half years and spend the remaining time at the DA. Students will pay the in-state tuition (the tuition paid by the residents of Georgia) while studying at UGA, which is more affordable, compared with studying abroad.

SMC and DA will accept two participants during the first year of the program. The number of participants may increase in the future, based on the interest level among SMC students.
Applicants to this program must already be enrolled as SMC students. Students who are interested in participating in the program may consult with Ms. Yoon-Joo Nam at the SMC administration office regarding their eligibility.