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Media Rookies Exploring the Global Media Sphere

The School of Media & Communication offers various global media experience programs during vacations, enabling students to immerse themselves in the global media field and cultivate their dreams.

Starting in the summer vacation of 2019, this program, labeled 'Season 1 - Episode 1', received a total funding of 450 million Korean won over three years from AJ Networks, relieving students of any financial burden.


The inaugural segment of this program began in mid-August 2019 and spanned 14 days, focusing on exploring prominent media platforms and content industries (such as Google, Uber, Netflix, Disney) located in California, USA, along with experiencing various events like KCON. Future plans include considerations for ① participating in the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, USA, ② producing international documentaries, and ③ attending the Cannes International Film Festival.


 AJ Networks donated in June 2019 to support global exploration and learning experiences for students in the School of Media & Communication.