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Linked B.A. - M.A. Program

The linked BA-MA program allows students to acquire both bachelor’s and master’s degrees within five years (3 years and 6 months for bachelor’s and 1 year and 6 months for master’s). A Media and Communication undergraduate who participates in this program is exempt from paying the first semester’s tuition along with entrance fees of master’s program if s/he meets the following requirements (see information below). S/he can also apply for various scholarships and financial aids offered in the master’s program.

Application Process for Linked Bachelor’s-Master’s Program

Application Process
Semester Program What to do
5th Undergraduate Applications are received and admission decisions made
6th - Register for 1 graduate course (3 credits, after consulting with his/her advisor)
7th - Register for 1 graduate course (3 credits)
- Submit Early Graduation Application
8th Graduate
- Exemption of 1st semester’s tuition fees and entrance fees
- Academic leave is unavailable for the 1st semester
- Register for 4 graduate courses (a total of 12 credits)
9th - Register for 3 graduate courses (a total of 9 credits)
- Take the comprehensive exam, Present at an academic conference
10th - Write a proposal and a master’s thesis
(1) Requirements and Instructions
  1. ① Students applying for Linked Bachelor’s-Master’s Program must meet the following requirements.
    • - GPA: 3.50 and above
    • - Acquired credits: 45 credits and above
    • - Registered semesters: 4th semester and above
  2. ② Students must have at least 2 remaining semesters excluding the semester they were admitted.
  3. ③ Students must take additional 1 graduate course along with undergraduate courses starting from the following semester after the admission. Consultation with an advisor must come ahead of registering for a graduate course.
  4. ④ Undergraduate students must acquire a total of 6 credits from graduate classes by the time of graduation from their undergraduate department.
  5. ⑤ Credits acquired by taking graduate courses will not be counted as undergraduate course credits. They will be counted as graduate course credits after admission to graduate school.
(2) Applying for Early Graduation Application
  1. ① Students must submit the Early Graduation Application Form to the Department’s Administrative Office at the beginning of their 7th semester.
  2. ② Scholarship Benefits: Students starting their master’s program immediately after their early graduation (A minimum 4.0 GPA) will be exempt from 1st semester’s tuition fees and entrance fees.
(3) Applying for Master’s program

Students (after receiving a bachelor’s degree) must submit their recommendation letter (from their graduate advisors) to the Department’s Administrative Office within 20 days of the beginning of the semester.