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M-Tree Scholarship


M-Tree Scholarship

This scholarship was funded by our honorary professor, Hong Gi Seon, for the students of School of Media and Communication who have the potential and passion to lead the media industry and academia. There are two types of M-Tree scholarships in total, and students are able to recieve them with other scholarships at the same time.

Eligibility & Amounts 

●Number of Recipients: 2-3 students per type (may be flexible)
●Amounts: 3,000,000 KRW per person a semester 
   - A student of School of Media and Communication, who is still registered within their 8th semester 
   - Students who are passionate in media studies and have worked hard on their school work 
   - Students who could use scholarship that covers their tuition fees, living expenses, or support for activities
   - Students who have the potential to contribute to the media industry and academia

Scholarship Type

●Type A(Support of living expenses)
This scholarship is for the students who are passionate in media studies and have worked hard on their school work, therefore would be encourged to demonstrate further excellence and potential through financial aids such as support of living expenses and educational expenses
●Type B(Support of activities)
This scholarship is to financially support the creative and challenging activities a student plans and carries out within the field of media  

Required Documents

● Application for the scholarship (designated form)

● Letter of self-introduction

● One letter of recommendation (School of Media and Communication faculty)

● Agreement of collection and usage of personal information (designated form) 

● Additional documents (optional) 



Contact & Application

Submit the papers to Ms. Jeong via e-mail (jjbk@korea.ac.kr)

*Selection process: After document screening process there will be interviews, and candidates who pass the document examination will be notified individually