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Media Creators Bunker

Media Creators Bunker, a space for creative activities

In February 2019, SMC celebrated the completion of a remodeling project that transformed the two underground levels of the Media Hall into a Media Creators Bunker (MCB)—a space to enable SMC students’ participation in creative activities. This space is fully-equipped with a TV studio, a studio control booth, an editing booth, a sound studio, and many other facilities that are essential for creative media production. Practicum courses are conducted in the MCB. Use of this space is not limited to classes; students can utilize the MCB for planning, producing, and editing a wide range of creative media content.

Facility Descriptions

▶ TV Studio: The TV studio is the centerpiece of the MCB. The 100-pyeong studio features a high ceiling connecting the two underground levels. Equipped with five studio cameras (including a Jimmy Jib and a high-angle camera), a multi-camera production space, a virtual studio set, and a scene shop, the TV studio is a space for professional 4k broadcasting production, wherein students can produce and broadcast live television shows. An additional production space aimed at YouTube-style video creators is available in the CJ Creators Library (CCL), in the central plaza at Korea University.
▶ Control Room: The control room is equipped with professional production facilities for live broadcasting.
▶ Equipment Rental Center: SMC students can rent production gears required for their practicum classes. The available equipment includes camcorders capable of recording 4K videos, DSLR cameras, gimbals, sliders, LED lights, boom microphone kits, and wireless microphones.
▶ Transmission Room: Over 50 HD broadcasting programs are transmitted from this room to the campus buildings. This room contains equipment, such as a 4K transmission server, a satellite receiver, an HD modulator, and storage devices.
▶ Sound Studio: This studio features sound-proofed and sound-absorbing walls to facilitate effective sound recording. It is equipped with the highest quality condenser microphones and digital recorders, which are essential components of a perfect digital sound recording system.
▶ Editing Booth: This room is equipped with computers for the purpose of video editing. The computers contain essential editing software, such as Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Students can book the editing booth for their classes and individual projects.
▶ MCB Lounge: This is an open space for planning and creating media content that can be transformed into a TED Salon or open space for YouTube creators.
▶ Green Room: This room provides makeup kits and couches for actors and actresses. They can use the room to either dress up or rest.
▶ Scene Shop: This room has a high ceiling to ensure that students can build and store various stage sets that they require for practicum classes or broadcasting shows.
▶ Spaces for Student Broadcasting Organizations: Three primary broadcasting organizations are run by students: Korea University Television Network (KTN), Korea University Broadcasting Station (KUBS), and KUTV. The three organizations are located on the lower level 2 of the Media Hall. KTN only recruits SMC students as staff members. Not only do these broadcasting organizations work hard to create their own video content, but they also are actively engaged in numerous campus events, including Daedongje (The Korea University Festival), Koyonjeon (an annual sports competition between Korea University and Yonsei University), and the Broadcasting Festival. The YouTube channels run by each organization have a significant number of subscribers. A few of their YouTube videos, such as covers of musical performances from La La Land and Mamma Mia, have reached two million views.
▶ Instructional Media Center: The center is staffed by an SMC professor who was appointed as the director of the Center, three full-time employees, and several undergraduate and graduate assistants. The center supervises all media projects on campus and provides assistance to students who partake in practicum classes.
▶ Spaces for Student Body and Clubs: The second floor underground also houses the student body office, student lounges, and seminar rooms for student clubs.