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Jinli Scholarship


Jinli Scholarship Program


The Jinli Scholarship Program in the Department of Media & Communication aims to enhance academic and research achievements by offering the opportunity to write an honors thesis, cultivating self-directed individuals. The completed thesis aims to be presented at domestic or international media and communication academic conferences. This scholarship program selects six undergraduate students annually, providing financial support to each student. Participants will conduct research under the guidance of the School of  Media & Communication faculty and receive evaluations from both domestic and international professors on their research outcomes.



Program Achievements

●Year of 2022

Name Affiliation Research Topic

GaYoung Kim

Department of Media


JunHyung Han Department of Media

 The Veracity Judgment of Truthful Messages: Applying Information Manipulation Theory in the U.S. and South Korea

JaeWon Chun Department of Media & Communication  OngAL: From AI Lyrics Generation to its Serving Strategy

HyunJun Jin

Department of Media & Communication

 Research on the Collection of Information about Candidates and Voting Decision-Making Processes of Voters in Their Twenties:

Focusing on the Simultaneous Characteristics of Local Elections and Individual Election Interest

HoJin Kim

Department of Media

 Regulation of the Gaming Industry and Direction for Activating the Gaming Industry

After the Repeal of the Compulsory Shutdown Act (Video Production)



●Year of 2021

Name Affiliation Research Topic

KiHyun Choi

Department of Media

 Detailed Study of Case Solicitation: Centered on the Interaction Effects between Number of Targets and Frames

HaeWon Lee Department of Media

 Success Strategies of Subscription-based OTT's Original Content - Analysis Based on Netflix Korea's Original Content

ChoWon Park Department of Media  k-pop Study on User Satisfaction of Paid Premium Communication Services in K-pop: Focused on 'Weverse, Bubble, Univers

JunHyung Han

Department of Media  Relationship Between Lee's Six Love Types and Types of Lies in Information Manipulation Theory

SunWoong Ban

Linguistics Department,
College of Liberal Arts

(Double Major in Media Studies)

 How Did News Framing of Each Media Outlet Change Over Time in Seoul Queer Culture Festival (SQCF)?


●Year of 2019

Name Affiliation Research Topic

HaeWon Lee

Department of Media

 Analysis of Interaction between Original Books and Commercial Films

HeeSoo Kim Department of Media

 Attitudes in Parent-Child KakaoTalk Usage Based on Attachment Types

SeHee Shin Department of Media  Research on Content Production and Distribution in Major Domestic Entertainment Enterprises

JunSeo Kwon

Department of Media  The Influence of Animation on Adults

WonNip Ram

Department of Media  Can corporate culture help solve or eliminate conflicts between employees?

JungHoon Lee

Department of Media

 Digital immigrants’ goal structure in online learning


●Year of 2018

Name Affiliation Research Topic

JiYoung Kim

Department of Media

 The Impact of Demographic Information in Portal Site News Comments and Comment Repetition on Public Perception

GaRam Eom Department of Media

 The Influence and Behavioral Changes in Children's Interaction with Artificial Intelligence

JiYeon Yoo Department of Media  Effect of psychological/social proximity on intention to become an organ donor: Based on Construal Level Theory (CLT)

DongHoon Kim

Department of Media  Enhancing Media Literacy in Media Reporting on Law and Judgments

HyunWoo Kim

Department of Media  Reflections on Protecting Publicity Rights Based on User Perceptions

SungBin Yook

International Studies

(Double Major in Media Studies)

 Application of theory of communicative responsibility to different crisis management strategies